A photo of usI’m an Australian 34 year old solo mama to one boy, E, 2 years old. So far we’ve done five weeks backpacking Vietnam, one month on an island-hopping adventure in Hawaii and next up is Bali.

Prior to having a baby I led what some will call a “colourful” life. I have worked in the US on cruise ships as a videographer and I visited Alaska, The Caribbean and Mexico plus random other ports like Key West. I was lucky enough to travel with the ship from Fort Lauderdale, Miami all the way to Juneau, Alaska through Central America and the Panama Canal.

I’ve also worked at “Fat Camp” as a Camp Counselor in the US and English Teacher in South Korea. In between travel adventures I managed a Backpackers Hostel in Kings Cross, Sydney.

I’ve also done the obligatory six week backpack bus trip around Europe when I was very young – that was my first taste of travel and I was hooked.

Currently I’m still involved in travel by renting out rooms in my house to backpackers and foreign students. The youngest guest I’ve had is a ten year old Chinese boy and the oldest guest is a 70 year old American who was travelling home from working at McMurdo Station in Antarctica! I also recently expanded to having my own separate guesthouse that takes 15 odd people a week now!

I’m hoping to raise my son as a true world citizen, and as he is half Sri Lankan I’d also like to take him to visit Sri Lanka when he is older, if he is curious about his heritage.


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  1. Ruby Kane March 3, 2011 at 6:59 am #

    I went to fat camp as a kid! Two years in a row. Lost 27 lbs the first year and went back the second at exactly the same weight I started out the first time. Right now I weigh about 30 lbs more than that, too! Ah, those were the days….

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