Day 3 Dummy Spit

3 Aug
Spit the Dummy
Australian Term: To indulge in a sudden display of anger or frustration; to lose one’s temper. The phrase is usually used of an adult, and the implication is that the outburst is childish, like a baby spitting out its dummy in a tantrum and refusing to be pacified. (Dummy is a pacifier)

Lets start with the GOOD about Day 3. And that was – kids in the snow! E fell asleep on the bus, only to wake in the snow. The look on his face was worth all of the effort to organise. He pointed, surprised at the white, and said “WOW”. The bus driver ran out to grab him a chunk and he played with a bit in the bus first. Then it was off to toboggan. His screams of “NO, NO, NOOOOOO” as I flew down the hill with him quickly changed to “More, MORE, More”.

At first he struggled to walk, and wanted to be carried, but by the end he was laying in the snow, eating snow, feeding me snow, stomping around it in, and of course fascinated with the ski lifts (He seems to be mechanically minded my kiddo!). He screamed  “OH NO” everytime someone threw themselves down the mountain in a ski tube, and I thought that was a fair enough assessment of how stupid it looked!

We managed half a day in the snow before the kids needed naps and actually the plan was for all the adults to nap too so we could have a kid free night on the town (Adaminaby, population 230).

I fell asleep while one of the mums went into town for some lunch. When I woke I found she’d gone ahead and booked without checking with me – picked the hotel she preferred and the time she preferred for dinner. I did crack it slightly, telling her she’d wanted control the whole weekend to have things her way so go for it, I could care less. Ooops. Not very nice of me. I was just so frustrated at trying to please everyone. She’d picked 8pm for dinner.

Next one of the mums came to see me, demanding dinner be 7pm. I didn’t care so sent her off to see the mum who’d booked. Didn’t hear anything else until rumour got to me they’d had a falling out with 7pm mum refusing to come and 8pm mum refusing to change the time.

I had to step in with the exact words of “I’m here to negotiate a treaty”. GAWD. For love or money I am not destined to be a full time tour guide.

Eventually with all the babysitting arrangments changed, we were off! Except I was struck with a migraine on the way to town and had to be driven home in agony an hour later. I had two glasses of wine, and about 45 mg of codiene the pain was so bad and I was out of it for the night! The others though…partied on until the wee hours of the morning and it was hell to get everyone on the bus for the trip home by 8am.

With almost everyone hungover it was first stop McDonalds before we made it home. It was a pretty quiet bus trip home – everyone I think exhausted by such a full few days.  I however was bright and perky having had a great night sleep!


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