Snow Trip Day 2

30 Jul

Oh, I left you on a cliffhanger. I was lying though – just to get you to come back and read. On Day 2 things didn’t all fall apart. There wasn’t a true dummy spit by some of the group until Day 3. On Day 2 it was just a few cracks showing. The main crack being, um, I guess single mamas don’t actually like having someone plan for them. We’re all too used to organising our own worlds.

The plan was we would get up early, hand our lovely children across to our babysitter and then head up to the snow for a kid free day. It may have seemed a little cruel to get the kids all that way, only to deny them a snow day, but none of the adults had been to Selwyn. We didn’t have a clue how long the trip was, what the facilities were like, what you could hire and what you could bring and whether or not we thought the kids old enough for toboggans and tubes. Some of us had barely even seen snow ourselves!

I wanted an entire day of fun and relaxing ourselves, scouting out the place and trying not to break limbs on the first day, before introducing kids into the chaos. But then two mothers decided to bring their little ones. Fair enough, I couldn’t actually BAN mothers from getting over excited and wanting the kids in the snow. Predictably they ended up in the coffee shop with hot chocolates for a large proportion of the day as it took a while for the kids to adjust to the weather and it was all a huge new experience (ie..lots of screams and tantrums).

I most definitely was OFF DUTY…although I did end up with a 10 year old shadow – the nephew of one of the mothers. He helped me find my inner child and before long we were throwing ourselves down the mountain on sleds, spinning wildly on ski tubes and I was being hit by snowballs every time I turned around. Honestly, it was the most carefree I’d been in a long time. And it was a sweet thing to think that in eight years E and I would be a mum and son duo hopefully just like this 1o year and I.

One of the highlights of the the trip was with this kid when he thanked me for giving him the opportunity to see snow! If only I could raise my child with such manners!

Most people wanted to head home at lunch – the young kids needed naps. But being I was still NO I AM KID FREE in my attitude I decided to stay on the mountain with the 10 year old some more.  We had lots of breaks for burgers, fries, chocolate and all the junk food he probably shouldn’t have been allowed but we still managed to be on the slopes all up for almost five hours. I was quite windburnt! Eventually we headed for the bus and collapsed. I was so happy. Such a simple pleasure to soak up the sun, play in the snow and not think any serious adult stuff.

I got home to find the toddlers having a grand old time with the sitter. She was fantastic and the kids had run around in the fresh air, had a huge lunch of shared finger foods, all had naps and were clean and dry.

That night was another shared meal. I was so tired and needed some down time too without having to organise anything, so as soon as E was down to sleep at 7pm I had a quiet beer with the busdriver in our cabin and let the others get on with being silly and drinking. Their kids had much later bedtimes too, but I knew I’d be up at dawn with E!


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