Solo Parent Snow Trip – Day 1

27 Jul

I was up at 5am on the travel day for our snow trip to Mt Selwyn. So nervous because so many things could go wrong. My bus driver was a stranger found online, the bus company was an unknown, there was so much to do to pick up everyone and the luggage too. Would the accommodation be okay? Would we all get along? How would a bunch of kids like snow for the first time?

It was raining cats and dogs when we left. That added extra time, trying to load everyone in and not get wet. The bus driver proved his weight in gold from the very start – picking up toddlers who had fallen over in water puddles, dragging bags so we stayed dry. He was a rough looking guy – a tree climber by trade and missing his front teeth, but you couldn’t mistake his gentleness when he cradled a crying child for one of the mothers.

We weren’t even an hour out of town when the first issue hit. The heating and demisting functions in the bus were not working properly. We all unloaded into a McDonalds playground(thank goodness for the golden arches I say) while Shaun the driver worked on the issue. We piled back onto the bus with hot chocolates and were on our way again.

Then another hour later the rain had got so heavy parts of Sydney were flooded, and our luggage trailer sprung a leak! We had to pull into a hardware store – with eight adults and five kids! No one batted an eyelid at the mini bus in the pick up area and the staff were great, handing out free blow up toy hammers to all the kids while we ran madly around buying tarps and garbage bags.

Finally the rain cleared, the temperature dropped and we were heading into snow country. Amusing the kids on the bus wasn’t as bad as I had expected. There were screams, but never for very long. E was happy just playing with my iPhone. In fact, he was pretty happy the entire eight hours or so as long as I interacted with him and he only napped for half an hour. It’s the longest time he’s been in a car seat so I didn’t know what to expect.

Just as dusk fell we pulled into our cabins – and they were fantastic. Three bedroom cabins with lounge rooms, modern bathrooms, full kitchen and laundries. We couldn’t have asked for more. All in a peaceful rural setting only half an hour from the mountain. There were wombats and kangaroos and rabbits all around.

We’d decided each cabin would put on dinner one night so first night it was my turn with one of the other mums. I’d made a slow cooked curry the night before and it was gorgeous. Some red wine, some laughs, and we all fell into bed and I was so smug, thinking I was the most rock star group organizer ever to live.

Of course the next day things fell apart!



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