Chupacabra Beach

13 Jul

How time flies when you’re living your ideal life! Oh, don’t I sound full of myself? But things *are* going well. Amazingly so. I am working hard at several different projects, but it’s providing enough funds for E and I to travel. I am trying to keep the balance of work and play right, and it does keep slipping. I have a week where I do nothing but take E to parks and on coffee dates and watch kids TV. Then realise I’ve got a deadline for the book I’m writing, or the government job I’m doing, or a bunch of people move out of the guest house and next thing I’m doing 17 hours days! Whew.

Two weeks ago we had a chance to slip away for a whole 48 hours! A friend of ours, Gunkle we call him (short for Gay Uncle – really my best friend and kinda male role model for E) decided to book a beach house in winter just as a weekend retreat. So we packed the car and drove off into the unknown. It was quite odd for me, since I’m normally the organiser, to not have to know much about the house or the trip. I was so relaxed that I couldn’t even remember the name of the beach. I knew it started with a C. So it became a running joke that I would refer to it as something else every time I spoke.

“Oh, we’re just having a great time at Copacabana Beach. Yes, Chupa Chupa Beach sure is gorgeous is winter.”

For the record, it was Culburra Beach. About three hours south of Sydney. It had a tiny main street with a few shops and a petrol station and a lot of beach frontage. Nothing really to do except relax. Surprisingly the weather was quite warm during the days – enough for my son to want to go stark naked and play with the sand and the water! At night it was cold enough for a fireplace, red wine and a roast dinner. And being winter, the place was deserted. We had the beach to ourselves quite a lot. No one was stupid enough to swim, but E loved sliding down the sand dunes on his butt!

In preparation for our big trip I had bought E a Phil&Teds Traveller Cot. It was expensive and very hard to put up the first time. That thing drew blood! I had read in the reviews that it wasn’t great for setting up so I persevered but was swearing a lot. I had it set up at home for a week before we travelled so that E could play in it.

Kiddo has never slept well in portacots, but I’m not comfortable with him in a bed alone  yet so I was hoping I hadn’t wasted the money. But guess what? The week of play worked! When he saw it at the guest house he knew exactly what is was and had no problem sleeping through the night and napping in it. The only down side is that it makes a rustling noise when he moves which drove me nuts!

I have also bought a small travel backpack for E and I packed his comfort things in there – sleeping bag, dummy and nightlight musical seahorse. He got to carry that into the house. I think it helped too.

I ended up with such a stress free trip with kiddo that I’m much more confident I can manage longer trips with him now.


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